Monday, February 25, 2008

What is de Witchdokta?

The witch doctor is an occult jack-of-all-trades skilled at not only simply brewing potions, creating talismans and crafting spiritual goods, but at enlisting the help of spirits from nature(shamanic), demonic spirits(occult), and the dead(necromancy). A witch doctor at work can be unsettling, for he is voice matches the mood of his rituals, and can mystify and hypnotize. The witch doctor's system is formed from the ability to conduct nature and beings from other realms through a crude yet effective art called Juju.

Juju follows a shamanic perspective, with the inclusion of spirits born from the minds of men and those who have never walked this world. Juju used for positive means or enlisting the help of positive beings is called Mojo. Juju used for negative means or enlisting the help of negative entities is called Jomo. Juju as expressed as an omen from the spirit world can be either "Good Juju" or "Bad Juju," depending on the omen. The witchdoctor knows all things are made of energy, and all can range from positive and negative. The witchdoctor can make his Juju even more powerful by shifting Juju around him, using good to fuel good and bad to fuel bad through mask, costume, voice, atmosphere, visualization, and ritual.

Witch doctors are a mixture between the Hoodoo's jinx's, curses and healing abilities; shamanism's power totems and ability to commune with spirits; and any other traditions or symbols the individual witchdoctor might see fit to use. They work not only for themselves but for their community or tribe, for the spirits of the dead and never dead, along with anything else in all of creation that need their skills. Creating curses and jinx's is a specialty of the witch doctor. The witch doctor can make a deadly doll of wax or tallow containing a specific person's hair, skin or blood and is knowledgeable in The Doctrine of Signatures. The Witch Doctor is open to spells, talismans, and spirits from other traditions, times, and paradigms, knowing everything exists and that truth is based on results.

The Ancient Ones

...Sumeria is the name given to a once flourishing civilisation that existed in what is now known as Iraq, in the area called by the Greeks "Mesopotamia" and by the Arabs as, simply, "The Island" for it existed between two rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates, which run down from the mountains to the Persian Gulf. This is the site of the fabled city of Babylon, as well as of Ur of the Chaldees and Kish, with Nineveh far to the north. Each of the seven principal cities of Sumeria was ruled by a different deity, who was worshipped in the strange, non-Semitic language of the Sumerians; and language which has been closely allied to that of the Aryan race, having in fact many words identical to that of Sanskrit (and, it is said, to Chinese!)

...For no one knows where the Sumerians came from, and they vanished just as mysteriously as they appeared...they had a list of their kings before the Flood, which even they carefully chronicled, as did many another ancient civilization around the world. It is believed that they had a sophisticated system of astronomy (and astrology) as well as an equally religious ritual...

...AS MENTIONED, the God of the Moon was called NANNA by the Sumerians. By the later Sumerians and Assyrians, he was called SIN. In both cases, he was the Father of the Gods (of the planetary realm, the zonei), and was depicted as wearing horns, a symbol familiar to the Witches as representative of their God. The horn shaped crown is illustrative of the crescent phases of the Moon, and were symbolic of divinity in many cultures around the world, and were also thought to represent certain animals who were horned, and worshipped for their particular qualities, such as the goat and bull. They also represent sexual power....

...For many years, the Moon remained the prime deity of the Sumerians, constituting the essential Personum of a religious and mystical drama that was performed roughly 3000 B.C. amid the deserts and marshes of Mesopotamia....

...A transient lunar phenomenon (TLP) or "Lunar Transient Phenomena" (LTP), refers to short-lived lights, colors, or changes in appearance of the lunar surface. Claims of short-lived phenomena go back at least 1000 years, with some having been observed independently by multiple witnesses or reputable scientists. Nevertheless, the majority of transient lunar phenomena reports are irreproducible and do not possess adequate control experiments that could be used to distinguish among alternative hypotheses. Few reports concerning these phenomena are ever published in peer reviewed scientific journals, and rightfully or wrongfully, the lunar scientific community rarely discusses these observations.



Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Harmonic Convergence

The Harmonic Convergence was a ceremonial event that began on Aug. 16th, 1987. Through the research of Dr. Jose Arguellas into the Mayan / Toltec Calenders, this date of prophetic importance became the stimulus for many people to gather at sacred sites around the world. The Mayan calender prophecy pointed to a time of rennaisance and planetary quickening linked to the completion of our sun's 26,000 year orbital cycle around the Pleiades star system and the alignment of our winter solstice with the Galactic Center / Hunab Ku. The alignment with the Galactic Center is said to be complete by Dec. 21, 2012 A.D. This transitional time period is also reflected in the shift of Astrological Ages from the star constellation Pisces into Aquarius, the Water Bearer which may not be complete until the first star of the Aquarian constellation is rising with the spring equinox in 2050.

According to Native American oral traditions there are four cycles of aproximately 26,000 years in which the Indigenous peoples trace their heritage from the Pleiades Star system. Each period is considered as a World Cycle. These 26,000 year cycles were divided into 5 subperiods or SUNS by the Mayas. We are now completing the 4th WORLD / 5th SUN. Each subperiod / SUN consisited of 5,2000 years of 360 days each. Or 5,125 years of 365.25 days.

The beginning point of this 5125 year Great Cycle began in the year 3113 B.C. If you add 5125 years to this beginning date you get 2012 A.D. and the alignment of the winter solstice marking the end of the 5th SUN and the 4th WORLD. From here we potentially shift into the transitional phase leading into the 5th WORLD. This is a most important date with many people becoming aware of its potential significance and leading to much speculation as to what it entails.

Interestly enough the sacred Tzolkin Calender which consisted of a cycle of 260 days (13 day week and 20 astrological signs 13x20=260) when cross correlated with the 365+ day solar year cycle corresponds with a 52 year period. That is to say that if the two calenders began on the same day, the one of shorter duration would end first and then begin again, and the longer would end 105 days later and then begin again until they arrived at their original starting point. They would not repeat that same starting point until 52 years later. Each day within the 52 year cycle would have its own unique astrological overlay. And from one's birth date with its corresponding overlay of astrological signs and number significance one's name would be derived.

If you divide the year by 7 days you get 52 weeks in a year. If you divide the circle of 360 degrees by 7 you get 51 degrees 25 minutes which happens to be the angle of measurement for the sides of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. So we have 52 years as a harmonic of 5,200 years and 51 deg. 25 min. as a harmonic of the 5,125 year cycle of a SUN period. It is said that in Native traditions that at the age of 52 one can become recognized as a Spiritual Elder. 7 cycles of 7 years gives 49 years. 7 is the number of spiritual perfection in many esoteric traditions. The three years from 49 to 52 contains within it the orbital period of the minor planet Chiron, and the rotation of the binary star system Sirius. In myth, Chiron was the wounded healer - wisdom teacher, and shows this time to be potentially one of culmination and spiritual initiation.

So 52 years is a harmonic of 5200 years. 52 years is a very important time cycle. There were two prominent Avantars born in Meso-America during the first millenium. They were Pacal Votan born A.D. 790 and Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl, born A.D. 947. Both lived a life span of 52 years.

It is said that as a God, Quetzalcoatl was the one who in a distant past time taught the Sarcred Calender and all the Higher Learning. His influence flourished throughout Meso-America. He was known as Kukulcan by the Mayas. In his name was the symbology of the Plumed Serpent which as a symbol adorns many of the pyramids and temples. Various rulers were said to take on the title of Quetzalcoatl to acknowledge the authority of the Toltec wisdom keeper and be linked to the ancient traditions of Teotihucan and Tula.

And so the story goes that Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl prophesized about the future fall of the magnificent Aztec dynasty. In a time before the founding of the Aztec empire there was a struggle for power in the Toltec center known as Tula that was surreptitiously taking place. The priesthood had become corrupted as powerful sorcerors infiltrated the social order. They sought to overthrow Quetzalcoatl's benevolent rulership so they conjured Quetzalcoatl and his party with intoxicating drink that drugged him and caused him to lose the clarity of his Intent. Under the spell of its intoxication he found himself in a taboo sexual experience with his priestess sister that shamed the purity of the ascetic priest / king.

The God Quetzalcoatl's arch-enemy, the dark Lord Tezcatlipoca was the instigator of this sorcery that brought an end to the inspirational rule of the Toltec lord and to the eventual destruction of Tula. After his fall from grace Ce Acatl repented with purification rituals and then departed the city traveling to the land in the south known as Chichen Itza, there teaching and influencing the people. From there he continued his travels and teachings, all the while being followed and persecuted by the agents of Tezcatlipoca. Finally he arrive at the eastern coast and the time came for him to sacrifice his life. He was guided to build a ceremonial fire where he gave himself to the fire. Out of the ashes it is said that his heart rose into the sky and became the planet VENUS. After his death his spirit descended into the underworld for four days to liberate souls. And then he traveled four more days into the upper regions to replenish himself with lightning. Four years later he returned to the amazement of his follows now as the embodiement of the God Quetzalcoatl.

As he came amongst his disciples teaching and giving counsel, he prepared them to continue on in his stead. And finally before departing to the east on a serpent raft he gave his prophecy. His propechy stated that there would be '13 Heavens of Decreasing Choice, followed by 9 Hells of Increasing Doom'. Each Heaven and Hell period consisted of a 52 year cycle of duration. With the departure of the Lord Quetzalcoatl, the corrupted priesthood influenced by Tezcatlipoca spread their influence of human sacrifice as a way to sustain the Sun and keep the world from cataclysm. And with this distortion came the dominance of the War god's influence and the darkening of the 13 Heavens which began with the founding of Tula and ended with the fall of Tenochitlan, the Aztec capitol.

At the end of the 13th Heaven Quetzacoatl prophecied that he would return . It was the year 1519 which also happened to be the birth year of Ce Acatl in the Sacred Calender. The volcano was erupting and other strange omens were happening. Then Cortez and the Spaniards arrived with their ships bearing the Cross of the 4 directions which was the symbol of Quetzalcoatl's teaching, and subsequently intoduced Christ as Quetzalcoatl. This marked the fall of the Aztec Dynasty as subjugated Indian nations joined with the Spanish to overthrow the Aztecs rule. The Aztec nation had attained the greatest heights of material splendor in the Native American world.

The first Hell cycle commenced as the Spanish began the brutal subjugation of the Indigenous people. The 9th Hell began in 1935 as Hitler was rising to power in Germany which led to the Second World War. Hitler and his inner circle were known to be into black magic rituals. With him we can see the influence of Tezcatlipoca as he sacrified many Jewish people in the Holocaust as a way to purify the nation. The 9 Hells of Increasing Doom ended and a new cycle began on Aug. 16th, 1987, with the Harmonic Concergence.

This marks the beginning of a transitional period of 26 years referred to as 'The time of Flowering' which culminates with the alignment of our winter solstice with the Galactic Center as stated by the Mayan Calender. If we divide this 26 year period in half we get 13. 13 years from 1987 brings us to the year 2000 and to some very potent astrological configurations. This aproximately correlated with the ending of the Aztec Calender and the cycle of time referred to as Naui Ollin which means EARTHQUAKE or MOVEMENT. The Aztec Calender culminated during the solar eclipse of August 1999. So we have past the critical mid-point of this 26 year period and have entered into a new millenium.

Overall, this 26 year period provides an opportunity for planetary healing and awakening. How the people of the world handle it will be of extreme importance if we wish to move positively into a new world cycle. The Harmonic Convergence is the dance of duality, of light and dark, male and female, enlightenment and ignorance. I am sure that it will test humanity for the strength of our spiritual resolve. It marks a period of initiation for planetary consciousness... and potentially the birth into the 6th Sun of the Aztec prophecy; Sun of Flowers, Xochitl Tonatiuh; and the 5th WORLD of Mayan and Hopi cosmology, ushering in the return of QUETZALCOATL.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An Internet Clipping

...A shaman's medicine colors are black and white because he/she walks the world of Light as well as Shadow - the polarity of man's existence. Black and white also represents the balance a shaman seeks to maintain, both inside himself/herself as well as bringing that balance to his/her clients. It is well expressed in the Eastern concept of yin-yang.

Bat is the Mayan and Aztec symbol for rebirth, and the totem animal for shamanism. Bat hangs upside down in the cave, just as humans are nestled upside down in their mothers' wombs. In leaving the womb or the cave, each is forced to look at light and shadow. Bat embraces the idea of the Shaman's death. In ancient traditions, the would-be-shaman was sent to a certain location to dig his/her own grave, and then spent the night inside that grave, totally alone. The grave opening was supported by limbs, covered by a blanket, and then filled over with dirt and debris. Absolute darkness and total silence quickly cause the initiate to be confronted by his/her fears. The basic idea of the initiation was to break down all former notions of "self", and to cause the initiate to face his/her inner fears and demons. When the initiate is released from the grave, the old persona and ways of life of the one "who was put in in the ground" truly are dead and buried. A "new" person emerges, reborn, with the right BY INITIATION to be called a shaman, and to heal. During my initiation, I spent three days and two nights totally isolated within the grave, and it truly is a terrifying experience.

Much Learned

Yes, let me first say I'm am sorry for my hiatus without warning. I have tendency to wander away from writing, to refill myself with experiences and thoughts, though I always eventually come back. Rest assured that in this time I have done much thinking and reading, and I plan to do as much praying and journeying I can.

I went to the Rainbow Gathering these past few weekends, a nomadic commune birthed from 1960's idealism, and I must say I believe I saw what an illuminated society just might look like. Everybody shared, there was no aggression, all were family! There weren't just hippies but hobos, bikers and street kids along with entire faimilies. The society itself is a rich one, and no words of mine could ever do it justice. One must experiance such a life to know it, go beyond symbols and see into the true core.

They had a authentic Native American steam lodge there, and I must say it was a glorious spiritual event. We prayed to all four directions, and my body was cleansed of all polluntants. Spirit filled me, and my shamanic gifts have increased in strength and vision.

Kulkulcan, Pahana, Quetzalcoatl...may you bring such living to all the world at your return. A'ho.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I Return

I have thought much.

We are composed of four parts in the material world:
-Who We Are
-Where We've Been
-Who We Were With
-What We Did

These 4 can sum up an entire life, and the effects it had on the rest of us. More later.

I have also found great wisdom within:
Life is like bowling, if you don't play with the gutters, you aren't really playing.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Might We Sing The Song?

Perhaps one day we Americans shall sing with the regret and shame of the Germans. After all, our power and supposed "invulnerability" will only last so long.

I see houses burning
I'm ashamed
Before you close your eyes denyingly
You'd better ask yourself:

Did I choose something I could regret?
Did I do something I should regret?

Is this the place I used to call Fatherland?
Is this the place I used to know as Fatherland?

The silence is illusion
Stay awake
I hear children crying
Do cowards ask themselves:

Did I choose something I could regret?
Did I do something I should regret?

Is this the place I used to call Fatherland?
Is this the place I used to know as Fatherland?

Did I choose something I could regret?
Did I do something I should regret?

Is this the place I used to call Fatherland?
Is this the place I used to know as Fatherland?

Is this the place I used to call Fatherland?
Is this the place I used to know as Fatherland?


Sunday, February 3, 2008

As we march to 2012

"Brother, Can You Spare the Time?"

They used to tell us that we were the best
And we were superpower
That with each passing minute we prospered
And flourished hour after hour
That our armies could take on the stars
And accomplish any task
That the internet would expand and surround us
And provide us with masks

They commanded we march off to war
And we heeded their drums
That our sacrifice was needed
And so we gave them our sons
They said it would all be over
And we hoped for that day
They said that it might take longer
Yet still we obeyed

They told us there would be no problem
That all would be well
They told us there would be bomb shelters
For when it all went to hell
But as the oceans rose and the ionosphere declined
As the warhawks sang
We should have known it would all dissapear
In the wind, with a bang

A Test of Will

The material world is designed in a way that prevents one from keeping one's thoughts on the spiritual, this I have seen. Everyday we feel the pressures of money, status, and fear coursing through our bodies like viper venom, paralyzing us mentally and stranding us here. Can we deny that we would all be better with 30 minutes of each day spent dwelling on spiritual things? Yet when it comes down to it, how hard is it to actually achieve that goal?

No wonder the medieval monks hid themselves away from the world, content to see nothing outside the monastery walls and take oaths of silence. but that is the way of the hermit, of the mystic, of those who cross fully into the spiritual. It is the duty of the Shaman to mediate between the many worlds, to be a vertex of the Six Directions. The shaman not only knows of the worlds beyond, but communicates with these worlds for the betterment of his tribe.

I sit, wondering if I myself have the courage and will to bound myself to 30 minutes of journeying everyday. Can I make it? I admit that I am void-touched, too happy to be all potential and no kinetic, to simply sit and allow the world to flow through me. So, I will try to journey for 30 minutes a day, though I understand I might fail. This shall be a test to show how much improvement is needed, and to see just how stacked against the spiritual the material really is.