Sunday, February 3, 2008

As we march to 2012

"Brother, Can You Spare the Time?"

They used to tell us that we were the best
And we were superpower
That with each passing minute we prospered
And flourished hour after hour
That our armies could take on the stars
And accomplish any task
That the internet would expand and surround us
And provide us with masks

They commanded we march off to war
And we heeded their drums
That our sacrifice was needed
And so we gave them our sons
They said it would all be over
And we hoped for that day
They said that it might take longer
Yet still we obeyed

They told us there would be no problem
That all would be well
They told us there would be bomb shelters
For when it all went to hell
But as the oceans rose and the ionosphere declined
As the warhawks sang
We should have known it would all dissapear
In the wind, with a bang

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