Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Test of Will

The material world is designed in a way that prevents one from keeping one's thoughts on the spiritual, this I have seen. Everyday we feel the pressures of money, status, and fear coursing through our bodies like viper venom, paralyzing us mentally and stranding us here. Can we deny that we would all be better with 30 minutes of each day spent dwelling on spiritual things? Yet when it comes down to it, how hard is it to actually achieve that goal?

No wonder the medieval monks hid themselves away from the world, content to see nothing outside the monastery walls and take oaths of silence. but that is the way of the hermit, of the mystic, of those who cross fully into the spiritual. It is the duty of the Shaman to mediate between the many worlds, to be a vertex of the Six Directions. The shaman not only knows of the worlds beyond, but communicates with these worlds for the betterment of his tribe.

I sit, wondering if I myself have the courage and will to bound myself to 30 minutes of journeying everyday. Can I make it? I admit that I am void-touched, too happy to be all potential and no kinetic, to simply sit and allow the world to flow through me. So, I will try to journey for 30 minutes a day, though I understand I might fail. This shall be a test to show how much improvement is needed, and to see just how stacked against the spiritual the material really is.

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