Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Much Learned

Yes, let me first say I'm am sorry for my hiatus without warning. I have tendency to wander away from writing, to refill myself with experiences and thoughts, though I always eventually come back. Rest assured that in this time I have done much thinking and reading, and I plan to do as much praying and journeying I can.

I went to the Rainbow Gathering these past few weekends, a nomadic commune birthed from 1960's idealism, and I must say I believe I saw what an illuminated society just might look like. Everybody shared, there was no aggression, all were family! There weren't just hippies but hobos, bikers and street kids along with entire faimilies. The society itself is a rich one, and no words of mine could ever do it justice. One must experiance such a life to know it, go beyond symbols and see into the true core.

They had a authentic Native American steam lodge there, and I must say it was a glorious spiritual event. We prayed to all four directions, and my body was cleansed of all polluntants. Spirit filled me, and my shamanic gifts have increased in strength and vision.

Kulkulcan, Pahana, Quetzalcoatl...may you bring such living to all the world at your return. A'ho.

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