Monday, February 25, 2008

What is de Witchdokta?

The witch doctor is an occult jack-of-all-trades skilled at not only simply brewing potions, creating talismans and crafting spiritual goods, but at enlisting the help of spirits from nature(shamanic), demonic spirits(occult), and the dead(necromancy). A witch doctor at work can be unsettling, for he is voice matches the mood of his rituals, and can mystify and hypnotize. The witch doctor's system is formed from the ability to conduct nature and beings from other realms through a crude yet effective art called Juju.

Juju follows a shamanic perspective, with the inclusion of spirits born from the minds of men and those who have never walked this world. Juju used for positive means or enlisting the help of positive beings is called Mojo. Juju used for negative means or enlisting the help of negative entities is called Jomo. Juju as expressed as an omen from the spirit world can be either "Good Juju" or "Bad Juju," depending on the omen. The witchdoctor knows all things are made of energy, and all can range from positive and negative. The witchdoctor can make his Juju even more powerful by shifting Juju around him, using good to fuel good and bad to fuel bad through mask, costume, voice, atmosphere, visualization, and ritual.

Witch doctors are a mixture between the Hoodoo's jinx's, curses and healing abilities; shamanism's power totems and ability to commune with spirits; and any other traditions or symbols the individual witchdoctor might see fit to use. They work not only for themselves but for their community or tribe, for the spirits of the dead and never dead, along with anything else in all of creation that need their skills. Creating curses and jinx's is a specialty of the witch doctor. The witch doctor can make a deadly doll of wax or tallow containing a specific person's hair, skin or blood and is knowledgeable in The Doctrine of Signatures. The Witch Doctor is open to spells, talismans, and spirits from other traditions, times, and paradigms, knowing everything exists and that truth is based on results.

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